Smart Rewards Card policy

H Mart Smart Rewards Card Terms & Conditions


H Mart Smart Rewards Card Registration & Operation

  1. Anyone residing in the U.S. over the age of 18 is eligible to apply, only one card per household.
  2. In order to receive all the benefits of the Smart Rewards Card, accurate information needs to be submitted. However, there are no disadvantages for submitting inaccurate information to the company.
  3. Registration is complimentary free with no annual fees.
  4. The card can be used to receive special benefits, but it does not carry any cash value.
  5. The card applies to all Smart Rewards Card program participating H Mart locations. 

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  1. Points accumulated on the Smart Rewards Card are only redeemable for H Mart conversions.
  2. Points cannot be transferred, and only the card owner may be eligible to use the card. H Mart will reissue the card only when it is lost.
  3. Smart Rewards Card account will be automatically withdrawn or deleted after 3 year of inactive period. 9. Customer information will be kept on record for 1 year after withdrawal.


Point Accumulation

  1. Points added to the card will reflect the amount of purchase excluding tax. For every $1.00 spent at H Mart, 1 point will be added to the Smart Rewards Card. (H Mart Gift Certificate purchases are excluded from point accumulation.)
  2. The customer must present their Smart Rewards Card at the time of purchase in order to have their points added to the card. If the Smart Rewards Card is not present at the time of purchase, points can still be accumulated by bringing the card and original receipt to the customer service center within 30 days of your purchase.
  3. Purchases from online, wholesale, food courts or any of the tenant shops within H Mart are excluded from point accumulation.
  4. Point adjustments for returns or exchanges will be made automatically.
  5. Points will be added to the Smart Rewards Card account within 1 or 2 business days.
  6. Points will be added regardless of payment type (Cash, Credit, Debit, & Gift Certificate) – excludes Gift Coupon purchases.


Point Use & Benefits

  1. Point redemption will be available every 1,000 points. Points can be checked by H Mart website, H Mart app, price checker (in-store), or the in-store Customer Service Center in any H Mart participating in the Smart Rewards Card program.
  2. After accumulating 1,000 points, the customer will be able to redeem their points at the store for a $10 Smart Rewards Card reward gift certificate with  a valid photo ID. (Smart Rewards Card holder must visit in-store Customer Service Center for redemption)


  1. H Mart Smart Rewards Card members can enjoy special sale events and coupons that are offered exclusively to the card holders.
  2. In order to receive all of the benefits, Smart Rewards Card holders need to update any changes to their personal information (i.e. address, phone number, e-mail address). Changes can be made at the participating H Mart Customer Service Center. (For email address changes- please email smart 


Replacement/Renewal Card

  1. Lost or stolen Smart Rewards Card can be renewed.
  2. In order to renew your Smart Rewards Card, Smart Rewards Card holders must visit their local H Mart customer service center with a valid photo ID.
  3. Broken or damaged Smart Rewards Card must be returned before using the renewed card.
  4. In order to renew your Smart Rewards Card, Smart Rewards Card holders must know their previous Smart Rewards Card number. Please check the Smart Rewards Card number at the H Mart Customer Service Center.
  5. If you renew the Smart Rewards Card, your used balance will be transferred to the new Smart Rewards Card.
  6. H Mart is not responsible for any causes which results from the used(previous) Smart Rewards Card after being renewal. The used balance has no legal effect.
  7. Please discard any used Smart Rewards Card if you find any lost or stolen Smart Rewards Card after being renewal.



  1. In order to withdraw from the Smart Rewards Card program and benefits, an official withdrawal form needs to be submitted to the Customer Service Center.
  2. Smart Rewards Card withdrawals will be effective immediately upon the submission.
  3. After withdrawal, remaining points will expire automatically and customers are excluded from Smart Rewards Card benefits.



  1. Please inform any participating H Mart Customer Service Centers (877-427-7386) or of stolen or missing Smart Rewards Card. H Mart is not responsible for any unreported card usage.
  2. Smart Rewards Cards are void in states where such programs are prohibited by law or any license or permit is required.


Security& Privacy

We will not disclose your personal information to anyone without your permission. Purchases with your H Mart Smart Savings Card will be automatically recorded. Through use of this information, H Mart will be able to better understand our customer’s needs. This will help us better provide the kinds of products and services you want, as well as create offers targeted to specific customer’s needs. Your phone number will be only used for record and to identify you in the case that you forget your H Mart Smart Savings Card. Your E-mail address will only be used to provide you with sale promotion and variety event information. By identifying your ethnic background, we will be able to expand our product lines to better serve you in the future. We take pride in carrying a wide variety of products to fit any customer’s needs. The H Mart Smart Savings Card was created to give back to our loyal customers for their continuous patronage to H Mart. We hope that you enjoy the benefits of becoming a Smart Savings Card holder. We are always looking forward to better serving you and to providing you with better products and services. Please feel free to contact us with any comments ( or visit your local H Mart for more information. Start shopping today and let the points start adding up ($1=1point – tax excluded total purchase)

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